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Below I have listed a few projects where I have had the opportunity to wear many hats, all influential in discovering that I enjoyed shared knowledge and teaching; developing and implementing training to drive our corporate strategy, and providing co-workers with the knowledge, skills and tools they needed to be successful.  


Computer Keyboard

Subject Matter Expert

Multi-Channel Administration Reporting System

-  a suite of online applications for managing on-site auction operations. from bidding to invoicing.  


MARS is being rolled in phases that are progressively replacing many outdated legacy systems at the same time as laying foundations for future growth. MARS delivers transformational technology and process improvements that will streamline our business operations and provide our customers with an improved experience.


Pilot Participant

Regional Operations Manager Excellenct Training Program

Onboarding program for new ROMs and high-potential candidates.  Evaluate a self-directed online learning model to support employees with meeting competencies of the ROM role.

Holding Tablet Computer
Examining New Tablet


Design and implement an instructional guide for the yard manager position.  Yard Manager Training is designed to provide guidance and support for newly hired or potential candidates, for confidence and to be successful managers and reinforce leadership competencies of the role.  


Committee Chair - Professional Development

Women's L.I.N.K

A global initiative to support women in our company and further strengthen our core value of being a diverse and inclusive orgnaization.  Drive innovation through diversity of thought, gender, nationality and ethnicity.  An ERG to serve as a resource for all employees

Lead. Inspire. Network. Know

Workers at Their Computers
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